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Payments for Transit

The official dues and fees applicable to the vessels passing through the Dardanelles and Bosphorus Straits in transit status are defined below:

1- Sanitary Dues:

Vessel’s N.T. x 0,0604 USD

2- Light Dues:

Vessel’s N.T. x 0.338646 USD                    if N.T is under 800
( Vessel’s N.T. + 800 ) x 0.169323 USD       if N.T. is equal or over 800

3- Salvage (Life Saving) Dues:

Vessel’s N.T. x 0,08063 USD

All above dues cover vessel’s transit passages through Turkish Straits in both ways. (i.e. for up and down. Up and down passages mean Northbound and Southbound in geographical sense.) Hence, if the return passage is made within six months, the same dues are not paid again. For vessels which complete the full transit passages (up and down or vice versa) within a period exceeding six months, the all dues are payable twice.

4- Pilotage Fee: ( Not compulsory for transit vessels )
USD 176 for vessels up to 1000 GRT
plus USD 58 for each fraction of 1000 GRT after the first 1000 GRT
( It is charged per each pilot service at Turkish Straits )

5- Agency Fee:
It is defined as a fee paid against the services done for the owner/master or the charterer of the vessel at rates not to be less then minimum fees stated by the official agency fee tariff.

You may use the Toll Calculator for Transit Vessels in order to find out the expenses of your vessels in transit passages.

If vessel violates her transit status then all above calculations change.

Conditions which violate the transit status :

  1. To call any Turkish Port
  2. To stay at anchorage or drifting more than 48 hours in Turkish Territorial Waters (Waiting because of the bad weather or according to instructions of Control Stations due to congestion at traffic, is not included in the period of 48 hours permitted)
  3. To load or discharge cargo on the way or at Istanbul anchorage
  4. To cause a hazardous condition such as collision, running aground, fire, etc.

Please send an e-mail to get the PDA for port expenses or passages of your vessels calling Turkish Ports.


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