force twins shipping
About Us
Company was founded in 1997. Our company is being given service to our customers with  fast, relaible and qualified service. Such as provision supply, agency service, commercial and Technical Management of vessels, various repair organizations, spare parts and technical supply. In the point of view this dynamic  companys’ working principle continue to work in bunker industry concerning co-operation together with SOCAR (STATE OIL AZERBAIJAN REPUBLIC) as own bunker barge operators and EPDK licenced official dealer. Company is being developed as physical supplier.

Agency service is being given as transit straits agency, port agents and relevant agency service with 7/24 hours round the clock, fast and reliable service to our customers .  Majority of agency service is being given Istanbul strait and Dardanelle strait and also port agency service is being given to our customers.

Company is being operates commercially and tehnically operate various size of vessels.

Our companys’ policy structure based on reliability, qualification, fast and competitive as our principles and aim of Company that developed itself to give its customers to the best service.

Salacak Mah. Bestekar Selahattin Pınar Sok. No: 112, 34668 Uskudar-Istanbul/ Turkey
Phn : +90 216 492 53 33 (Pbx) Fax : +90 216 391 57 75 / 76 Tlx: +607 36810 forc tr / +607 29538 frce tr E-mail:
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